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Untility international

Untility international

  • Café, Spa, Restaurant, Convenience Store, Supermarket

    La partenza project is located in the center of Nha Be area, enjoying all utilities in the area. Commercial centers around the project: SATRA FOOD - Le Van Luong, GS Metro City, Bach Hoa Xanh Supermarket,…. Meeting shopping needs, as well as providing clean and safe food for future residents.

  • Square, Library, Cultural House, Community living area, BBQ

    The park of the La Partenza project has a square design with a colorful fountain, which attracts young people to take photos and have fun.

  • Riverside park, Boat dock

    With the advantage of being located right next to the river, La Partenza Project designed a green campus along the canal, combining BBQ garden for future residents to enjoy the cool atmosphere and gather with family and friends. party together in a beautiful campus.

  • Kindergarten, children play area

    The La Partenza project takes the idea of ​​incubating children from preschool to adulthood. In addition to the Club House, around 3,000m2, it promises to be a place for children to read books, explore painting, and draw paintings when they are children. The special La Partenza also has a Children s Play area right inside the apartment buildings.

  • Garden landscape, relaxing, jogging track

    Along the banks of the river is a marina, which is an ideal place for architects to come up with ideas for the landscape garden here. With a team of modern architects, landscape design brings trees into the garden.

  • Pool

    Swimming is one of the most rewarding activities for the body, with your entire body working, from head to toe. The benefits of swimming such as increasing the heart rate without stressing the body, building endurance, increasing height