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Kindergarten, children play area

The La Partenza project takes the idea of ​​incubating children from preschool to adulthood. In addition to the Club House, around 3,000m2, it promises to be a place for children to read books, explore painting, and draw paintings when they are children. The special La Partenza also has a Children's Play area right inside the apartment buildings.
What is the special play area for the La Partenza project ??? The investor wants to let the children of the future residents enjoy the facilities like a relaxing resort. Children will have fun playing the swing, the skating house in the sky, the cute shrugged animals, the small ferris making a sense of security, etc. Make sure your children have fun and run safely.
Moreover, children will have fun on the clean sand yard with the cool trees around them, they will be creative and creative. In addition, parents are also equipped with comfortable chairs to sit back and watch their children have fun.
La Partenza project with a convenient geographical location surrounded by high-class facilities, adjacent international schools such as The International School of America, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, RMIT ... for you. You can send your child with a strong foundation in education and physically in the future.
Main distribution unit: Khai Hoan Land
Floor 1, B10-B11 KDC Kim Son,
Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 0911 995 900


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